Renault legends R4 and R5 could come back as electric cars!

Renault is ailing. The French carmaker therefore announced in 2020 that want to save two billion euros by 2023. In addition to downsizing, the model program is to be streamlined and redesigned in the future, as reported by with reference to two unspecified sources. The changes in the model range should make brand fans particularly happy, because apparently they are planning to revive two sonorous names from Renault history with the R4 and R5!

The Renault 4 was an innovation carrier, but at the same time cheap and extremely practical. Between 1961 and 1986, over eight million R4s were produced in two generations. The compact offshoot R5 was just as successful. So reviving these model names could well be a success. Especially since e-drives could also reduce fleet consumption and avoid possible CO2 fines. The new E-platform CMF-EV will most likely form the basis for the new electric compacts. Renault’s sports brand Alpine is also likely to increasingly rely on electric drives in the future. At the same time, poorly running models are likely to be pulled. So the Espace could be history in the foreseeable future. Renault has not yet confirmed the rumors. It is therefore unclear whether and when the R4 and R5 with electric drive will actually come. But we should know more by January 14, 2021 at the latest. That’s when CEO Luca de Meo will present his new brand strategy.


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