Renault Mégane: New car gone after just 30 seconds!

New car confiscated by police after only 30 seconds!

Incredible: the driver of a Renault Mégane had his new car less than a minute when he was stopped by the police. Then it came out really thick!

D.he joy about the new car was extremely short in this case! A man from Northampton in central England had just bought a Renault Mégane on November 18, 2020, and the car was gone again – after less than a minute! As the local police announced on Twitter, the bad luck raven only had the second generation Mégane for about 30 seconds when the police confiscated the car. The short-term owner had somehow to attribute the whole thing to himself: According to the information, the police became aware of the car when it approached a police car head-on, narrowly escaping a head-on collision! The subsequent check showed that the driver had not insured his new coupé-convertible. Which is forbidden by law in England as it is almost everywhere! Here is the tweet from the police:

Does the owner ever see his Renault again?

The result: the man had to return his new Renault straight away. The police confiscated the car until further notice. It is questionable whether and when his owner will see him again. In the worst case, British legislation even provides for “vehicle destruction”. In addition, the insurance offender threatens a severe penalty in the form of a fine of the equivalent of 300 euros and up to six points in the traffic file.

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