Renault reinvents the Twizy and wants to democratize the electric

At the heart of its Renaulution, Renault formalized Mobilize, the name of its new brand dedicated to new mobility. Among the range of vehicles offered will be the successor to the current Twizy.

During the presentation of the restructuring of the Renault Group in September 2020, the French giant announced the arrival of a fourth brand alongside Renault, Dacia and Alpine. Dedicated to electromobility and mobility services, we now know that it is called Mobilize. This is the fourth pillar announced by Luca de Meo, Renault CEO, to relaunch the group.

Mobilize focuses on mobility and energy services and sustainable and shared forms of mobility. The objective of the new brand is to meet the needs of users and enable Groupe Renault “To achieve carbon neutrality and its ambition to develop the value of the circular economy”.

A successor to Twizy as the spearhead of electromobility

It won’t be the first vehicle available under the Mobilize badge, but the EZ-1 concept is bound to be intriguing. A true descendant of the Renault Twizy, this electric quadricycle will only see the light of day in 2023.

It will measure 2.3 meters long, a size similar to that of its predecessor released in 2012. Unlike the Twizy, the EZ-1 will have two seats, but it will not be available for purchase. Only a more or less long-term rental format will be offered to individuals and businesses.

It will have an instant battery change system, like the Seat Minimo. Luca de Meo had initiated it at the time, and the CEO of Renault did it again, this time offering a solution more suited to fleets and car-sharing.

The instantaneous change of battery will allow permanent availability of vehicles on sharing terminals. Rental, meanwhile, will be possible either on a time basis or according to a given mileage.

A sedan and a van will accompany the Dacia Spring

However, Mobilize will not wait until 2023 to officially launch its first product, since the Dacia Spring will join the manufacturer’s ranks this year. The compact SUV, the most affordable electric vehicle on the market, was unveiled under the Dacia badge, but will have several lives, since Renault’s Zity service will also offer it.

Mobilize has confirmed that the Spring will be adapted with specific equipment for fleets and carsharing. However, it will retain its Dacia badge for its operation under this new name.

On the other hand, the new manufacturer will release in 2022 a sedan whose name has not yet been revealed, but has confirmed to us that it will carry the Mobilize logo. It will be an electric model intended for fleets of taxis and VTCs. It will be specially designed and developed for Mobilize.

Finally, an electric delivery vehicle, also dedicated to “zero emission” fleets, will be launched on a date as yet unknown. It will also be called Mobilize and should arrive after EZ-1, so possibly by 2024.

Mobilize's 4 future electric cars 2021-2025

Mobilize’s 4 future electric cars 2021-2025

Focus on fleets and focus on ecology

Thanks to a partnership with RBI Bank and Services, Mobilize will allow its customers easy access to its financial services. Thus, the brand intends to help them acquire fleets and limit their costs.

Software and algorithms will enable Renault to better target the use of Mobilize vehicles and better respond to user demand. This will in particular make it possible to better distribute vehicles in car-sharing services. The objective is to increase the rate of use of the cars of the various fleets by 20%.

Mobilize will assist fleet operators with vehicle maintenance. When these can no longer be used, they will be sent to the Flins Re-Factory. From there, Mobilize services will recycle them and reuse their batteries. Renault intends to take advantage of used batteries to turn them into stationary energy sources. Renault’s expertise will allow Mobilize to optimize battery life cycle value management.

Finally, the brand will seek to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles by customers by offering services linked to carsharing. A single European payment system and an application for locating charging stations will be part of the system.


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