Renault Zoe Intens 22 kWh: used electric cars on eBay

Anyone who is still reluctant to invest in a new electric car may find their first electric car on the used car market. There are models like the Renault Zoe for reasonable prices. Nice: The Frenchman is considered very solid and is also well suited as a second car.

Renault Zoe R240 Intense on eBay

A Renault Zoe that looks very interesting at first glance is currently for sale on eBay. It’s a black one Renault Zoe R240 Intens from June 2016 with 88 hp and 22 kWh battery. The price tag says 10,995 euros.
eBay Renault Zoe R240 INTENS

The offered Zoe looks great in the photos. The paint shines in the sunlight.

That tells the seller about the offered Renault Zoe

The first thing that catches the eye in the advertisement are the pictures. They show a car that appears well cared for and has probably been properly treated. The paint shines in the light, the interior is clean and shows no signs of wear worth mentioning.
The car is described as having a full service history, has run exactly 39,600 kilometers and has an MOT until June 2023.
eBay Renault Zoe R240 INTENS

In the Zoe there is enough space to sit, also in the back. It is not suitable for long distances because of the small battery.

The new owner has the choice of taking over the battery rental contract for 59 euros a month with a mileage of 7500 kilometers a year or buying the battery free for an additional 3400 euros. According to the seller, the zoe 100 percent charge capacity.
eBay Renault Zoe R240 INTENS

The offered car makes a tidy, clean and well-kept impression at first glance.

Here’s what we know so far about the strengths of the Renault Zoe

That many kilometers dem Renault Zoe can wear, has not only shown the AUTO BILD endurance test over 100,000 kilometers.
A How To Cars reader reeled with his zoe more than double the distance and had no problems. New axle joints and a new 12-volt battery were needed, nothing else.

Renault Zoe R240 Intense on eBay

Sure, this route went completely without a trace on the little one Renault not over. Here and there the body began to rattle, and the seats noticeably lost their resilience. But the folder with the workshop invoices remained thin. The one offered Renault Zoe not suitable for long distances. You should keep that in mind.

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