Rendi-Wagner: “The current situation is highly risky”

SPÖ chairman Pamela Rendi-Wagner warns of further opening steps in view of the increasing number of new corona infections. “I am for the path of security and control. I definitely don’t want a situation like in November when intensive care units were on the verge of collapse. The current situation is highly risky, ”said Rendi-Wagner.

In the run-up to the deliberations of the federal government planned for Monday, at which the further course of action is to be fixed, Rendi-Wagner also recalled the disturbing images from Italy a year ago: “I don’t want a situation like the one in hospitals in Italy a year ago in Bergamo. We have all obviously forgotten these pictures. I don’t want a situation like the one that is happening these days in the Czech Republic, where the health care hospitals are collapsing. Such a situation is not only relevant for the health care of the Covid Patients dangerous “- but ultimately for the care of all patients, she warned.

Numbers doubled

The numbers have “doubled in the last two weeks” and one can “assume that the doubling of the past two weeks will continue”. Because the current infections will only be seen in the statistics in ten days. Any further opening step will “further accelerate the loss of control over the infection process that can already be observed.”

The turquoise-green government is now called upon to stop this development. However, opening steps at this point in time would mean a “surrender” to the virus and a threat to both human health and economic development.

Tests “correct and also necessary”

The approach of mass testing is “correct, important and also necessary”, but she herself had been calling for it for twelve months. “But one thing has to be clear: With the high number of cases that are already taking place in Austria, with the ever increasing number of mutations, testing alone cannot prevent an increase 100 percent.”

“My goal is not just to open, but to open permanently, to open sustainably, to prevent further lockdowns until we have reached a time with a higher vaccination rate, at least in the area of ​​risk patients.” This is also the answer to the calls of the provincial governors, she said – including those of her party colleague Hans-Peter Doskozil. The Burgenland governor had only proposed a change of course from lockdowns to mass tests the day before.


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