Rendi-Wagner undecided: “Don’t know what the federal government is planning”

The SPÖ has apparently not yet made a decision on the question of Friday at the earliest from January 18. “I don’t know the rules that the federal government is planning here,” said Rendi-Wagner.

Vaccination skeptics Doskozil

The SPÖ chairwoman is against compulsory vaccination. Instead, more education is needed and access to vaccination must be easy. However, the SPÖ has no other demands than those provided for in the federal government’s plan. “The vaccination will not result in a high rate of vaccination in Austria overnight, “says Rendi-Wagner. Especially not if too many people refuse the vaccination.

The SPÖ governor of Burgenland recently joined the group of people who were skeptical of vaccinations Hans Peter Doskozil – already notorious for his ricochets against the head of the federal party. Can Rendi-Wagner take away her party colleague’s worries?

The Pfizer vaccination has passed a European approval and the necessary safety tests, said Rendi-Wagner. Vaccination reactions are to be expected in 90 percent of those vaccinated, but would have no further health consequences.


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