Rendi-Wagner: “Vaccination is an opportunity that must not be gambled away”

It is annoying for Rendi-Wagner that with this approach the government loses the trust of the population. Not even pharmacists and family doctors are informed accordingly. The best vaccination does not help if it is not injected into the muscle intended for it: “Vaccination is our only chance to finally turn the tables after eleven months.”

Until then, however, a new test strategy will also be needed, the SPÖ chairwoman is convinced. Low-threshold and free of charge there should be offers, which companies should provide for their employees wherever possible. If they do not do this, they should allow employees to be tested. There was also another plea for tests that can be taken at home, so-called “living room tests”.

Targeted access tests are also part of Rendi-Wagner’s strategy. They could be used at events, but also for large university lectures or in tourism, but not in retail or gastronomy.

“Testing is the key to virus control. It depends on the systematic testing of key areas with increased risk – especially in old people’s homes, ”said the SPÖ chairwoman. The federal states and social partners should also be involved here. With a sensible test strategy, the SPÖ is basically ready to talk. The federal government needs the vote of the Reds in the Federal Council in order to promptly pass a new law that also regulates the entry tests.

Rendi-Wagner was reluctant to end the school lockdown. On the one hand, she pointed out that this will be completed next week in accordance with the government’s plans that are still in force. On the other hand, she also requested a risk analysis of the new corona variants from Great Britain and South Africa, which could be more contagious for children.


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