Rent a Ford Kuga from 243.90 euros per month with a car subscription

You have just ordered a new car for the family, but it’s still a long time coming? Then the second generation Ford Kuga could be in the Car subscription be exactly the right bridging vehicle! In the AUTO BILD long-term test, the Kuga impressed as a reliable and uncomplicated SUV. This makes it ideally suited as a problem-free companion for a section of the route. At ViveLaCar there is the Kuga, which was built until 2019, currently in a flexible version Car subscription from 243.90 euros per month. If you take out a car subscription by the end of May 2021, you will even get one Fuel voucher worth 200 euros on top. (Here you can read how to get the fuel voucher.)

Ford Kuga as a car subscription at ViveLaCar

A fixed flat rate per month Pay and then just drive off – that’s what the Ford Kuga offers with a car subscription. Only the petrol still has to be paid for, the rest how insurance (Fully comprehensive with 750 euros deductible), Vehicle tax, registration, service and even the maintenance are at the monthly rate completely covered. Already from 243.90 euros ViveLaCar (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) offers the Ford Kuga by subscription. However are here only a meager 200 kilometers in the month included; if you want to drive further, you have to reckon with a higher rate. With a monthly mileage of 800 km the rate is already rising 445.90 euroswho whole 2500 kilometers want to be on the road a month, you have to 584.90 euros numbers. However, the individual pacts can be exchanged on a monthly basis. This shows that a car subscription is much more flexible than classic leasing. The subscription can be canceled at any time with a notice period of three months. (Overview: These are the advantages of the car subscription!)

Ford Kuga as a car subscription with useful equipment features

The Ford Kuga offered is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 150 hp and manual transmission. The vehicle was delivered with the “Cool & Connect” equipment, including Two-zone air conditioning and navigation system. Thanks to Sync 3 infotainment, the phone can also be operated via Android Auto and Apple Carplay mirror on the central monitor.

The Ford Kuga can be delivered to your home for just one euro


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