Rent a VW T6.1 Multivan flexibly for three months

The VW Multivan is an instance! For years it has been the preferred choice for large families and also cuts a fine figure as a small camper. VW now offers the all-rounder in five equipment variants from the inexpensive T6.1 “Family” to the top-equipped T6.1 “Highline”. But even that The basic version already costs 37,931 euros. With a few extras, you can quickly get over 40,000 euros on the bill. That is a flexible alternative Car subscription. There is already a brand new T6.1 “Trendline” from 369.90 euros per month!

VW T6.1 Multivan as a car subscription from ViveLaCar

ViveLaCar (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) has an immediately available VW T6.1 Multivan with only 250 kilometers on the clock on offer. A works under the hood of the new car 150 hp dieselwho at a DSG is coupled. In the best case, the Multivan costs 369.90 euros gross per month – all inclsive. The rate already includes costs such as insurance (fully comprehensive with 750 euros SB), vehicle tax, registration and service. In addition, there are no one-off costs such as registration fees or the like. Currently, Germany-wide delivery is even included at a price of just one euro.

With 800 free kilometers, the T6.1 already costs 829.90 euros per month

However, there is also a catch and that affects the mileage. The monthly price of 369.90 euros only includes 200 kilometers and the additional kilometer is charged at a hefty 60 cents. You should therefore book one of the larger kilometer packages, a total of six pieces between 200 and 2500 kilometers to choose from. However, a higher mileage increases the price significantly: The Multivan also costs 800 free kilometers per month already 829.90 euros and with 2500 free kilometers 1059.90 euros. The advantage of the car subscription, however, is that the kilometer packages can be changed monthly, depending on the driving profile, and the minimum term is only a very short three months. In addition, the cars are usually available immediately and, unlike leasing or financing, subscribing to a vehicle has no Schufa relevance. Since this offer is about immediately available storage trolleys, it may no longer be available at short notice. Here is a detailed selection of all models that are currently available with ViveLaCar’s car subscription!

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