Rent over 200 films for only 99 cents each! (Amazon Prime Deals)

200 films for 99 cents each in the Amazon Prime Deals

Prime subscribers can stock up on cheap films again over the Easter holidays. Choose your favorites from over 200 films and pay only 99 cents per title (borrow).

Rent films for only 99 cents each (Prime Deals)

The scope of the Prime Video campaign really invites you to browse. Because in addition to some well-known former blockbusters such as “Ready Player One”, “Pokemon – Master Detective Pikachu” or “The Boy Needs Fresh Air” there are quite a few titles that you have never heard of. And if there is a time to broaden your film horizons, it is now! The IMDb ratings are also displayed in the selection, so there is less risk of borrowing an absolute cucumber. From an IMDb rating of 7.0, I think, one can speak of solid entertainment. But here too, of course, it depends on your personal taste.

Anyone planning a trashy B / C movie evening will definitely find enough material within the action. How about, for example, the horror creature “Smiley” or “Escape Room”? Or for the current occasion “No-Ear Bunny” or “Two-Ear Chick”? Or rather classics like “Dune – The Desert Planet”, “Species”, “Blob – Horror Without a Name” or “Asterix in America”. Not much can be broken for 99 cents.

Rent films for only 99 cents each (Prime Deals)

Finally, the note that the campaign will run until Sunday, April 4th 2021 and is only available to Prime customers. You can start playing the rented films within 30 days, so you don’t have to check out all the titles on the weekend. So you can also make good provisions for stormy or rainy evenings. If you start a film, you can watch it as often as you want within 48 hours.


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