Rent over 300 films at just 97 cents each on Amazon Prime Video

Fed up with entertainment! Rent over 300 films for only 97 cents each in the Amazon Prime Deals

Amazon offers over 300 films for rent for only 97 cents! Get the best entertainment on Prime Video in HD and 4K quality! For Prime subscribers only!

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So for us it indicates rain for the next few days … that’s the new campaign for Prime subscribers that comes in handy. The offer is a teaser for the upcoming Black Week on Amazon. Prime members can rent films for just 97 cents each until Sunday, November 20, 2020! And not only the price, but also the selection is impressive. With over 300 titles, everyone is sure to find something to make the rainy autumn days easier to bear.

Prime Deals: Something for everyone!

We “scrolled” our way through the offer and discovered some small and large highlights. e.g. “James Bond – Specter 007” or the action comedy “Killer’s Bodyguard” Samuel L. Jackson. Or how about one of our favorites “James Bond – Casino Royale 007” or “Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle”? For family entertainment, on the other hand, “Trolls – World Tour” or “Ferdinand goes bullish”. You should definitely make the effort and browse through the entire offer. Between some B- and C-movies there are always titles of which we also think: “Oh, we wanted to watch it”, “Red Sparrow” or “A star is born” would be two contenders for me personally.

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There are still countless highlights such as the film adaptations of the popular crime novels “Leberkäs Junkie”, “Schweinskopf Al Dente” or “Sauerkraut Koma”. For 97 cents you can also watch the latest film with Nicolas Cage, “The Color from Space”.

30 days to start playback

As usual, the hint that you can “pre-order” as many titles as you want. You don’t have to watch the films by Sunday, November 20, 2020, you have 30 days to start viewing them after ordering the rental. Once started, you can watch a movie as many times as you want within 48 hours.


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