Reorganization costs 900 jobs at Shell in the Netherlands

Shell announced this tonight.

Not sure who yet

In September it became clear that the oil and gas company wants to cut between 7,000 and 9,000 full-time jobs in the coming years. This is necessary to reduce costs by 3 to 4 billion dollars (2.5 – 3.3 billion euros) per year.

The company does not want to disclose which functions will disappear. CEO Ben van Beurden said earlier that there are ‘too many layers’ in the company. “There are too many levels between me, as CEO, and the operators and technicians at our sites.”

Turnaround on the way

Shell has to sweep the organization a lot to remain profitable in the future. In the coming years and decades, Shell will become much less dependent on oil and gas and much more on green energy sources. Ultimately, this also means that the type of jobs at the group will change over time.

The corona crisis is also certainly not doing the company any good. The oil price was extremely low in the past year due to the global recession. That hit the company hard financially.

For example, in the second quarter of 2020, a loss of no less than $ 18.1 billion was recorded. A quarter later, half a billion profit was already made. But that’s still only a tenth of what it was a year earlier.

Voluntary leave

Some of the employees who have to leave will leave the company through a voluntary severance scheme. Shell reports that 1,500 people worldwide have registered for this. It is unclear how many there are in the Netherlands. There is, however, a second option to leave voluntarily.

According to Shell, there is a ‘good social plan’ and employees who have to leave are guided from work to work as much as possible.


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