Reorganization plan C&A: cut jobs and invest in online

The corona crisis has definitively proven that ‘a combined digital and offline approach is crucial’, the company writes. C&A sees the period of store closures and lockdowns as a ‘catalyst’ to overhaul the company structure.

More agile company

To this end, the company wants to make a ‘significant investment’ in online, so that customers can buy their clothes there just as easily as in the store. The company acknowledges that it still has to catch up, aiming for a ‘better experience’ for the consumer.

What C&A wants to put into the online plans has not been announced. “We will invest more in digital solutions in the next 3 years than in the past decade”, is all a spokesperson wants to say to RTL Z.

All these changes, with the aim of ‘building a more agile and smoother functioning company’, also have consequences for personnel. It is unclear how many jobs are involved. “It is too early to give an exact number as we have announced an intention that will be discussed with employee representatives,” the spokesperson said.

4000 employees in NL

The company does not say in which European countries the interventions will have consequences. C&A has approximately 2,600 employees in the Netherlands, according to the spokesperson. The Dutch retail chain, with almost 1,400 stores and 23,000 employees, is active in eighteen European countries.

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