Report: Hardware in VW ID.3 still too weak for augmented reality in the windscreen

With the VW ID.3, the Volkswagen Group wants to start the Tesla era with determination and not only offer its first people’s electric car on the new MEB base at a low base price, but also with state-of-the-art infotainment technology. At the beginning of April, VW showed a promo video with a new head-up display, as some Tesla drivers would like to see it complemented. However, according to a new report, Volkswagen still has problems with the computer part of the ID.3 – possibly not only with software that can be updated relatively easily afterwards, but also with hardware.

Order VW ID.3 from August?

This information can be found in reports about a paid article in the magazine Der Spiegel. It speaks of a “breakdown series” in Wolfsburg under Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, which affects the ID.3 as well as the conventional Golf 8. All of this is related to the conversion from VW to Tesla course by Diess. The chief executive resolutely represents the reorientation of the entire VW group, which despite many doubts publicly insists on a delivery start for the ID.3 this summer.

It is known that the VW ID.3 is already being produced in the Zwickau plant – just like its platform brother ID.4. But then the electric cars are parked with incomplete software, where they wait for an update and then delivery to the end customer. So far, it was said that with the mass update, the electric VWs would already have the ability for later radio updates (over-the-air, OTA) as with Tesla. But the mirror now reports that this will only happen later when visiting the workshop. At least by the end of June, the biggest problems should be solved, presentation and orders should start in August.

Waiting for known Tesla software

Delays due to software problems are unattractive and perhaps a little worrying for the start of VW into the electrical age, but also not unknown to Tesla – the completion of all sub-functions for autonomous Tesla driving previously planned for the end of 2019 by CEO Elon Musk for example, has been postponed to the end of this year. But software is fundamentally easier to change than hardware – and the Spiegel report contains indications that VW has at least partially gone wrong here.

Because one of the computers used in ID.3 should not do as much as it was planned; This refers to one of the three systems called InCar Application Server (ICAS) from the German supplier Continental, which according to earlier reports is responsible for information displays and navigation in the electric car. This also includes the chic head-up display (HUD) for the ID.3, which VW demonstrated in April: It does not simply project speed and other data as numbers and symbols on the windshield, but fades out additions such as arrows or distance bars into the real one Image in front of the driver’s eyes.

What is braking the computer in ID.3?

This is called augmented reality and is not only ultra-modern, but also useful. But the VW-ICAS does not seem to be able to cope with it, it is now said in internal documents – the HUD constantly overwhelms the processors. This can be due to inefficient programming, which can be solved over time, or to insufficient computing power, which would make a change necessary. For VW, this would probably mean even more expenditure in terms of time and costs than was already incurred by waiting for the software.


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