Report: Supercharger rewards will be too expensive for Tesla, recommendations will only be available via app in future

For a while, it could be really worthwhile, as the owner of one of Tesla’s electric cars, to participate in the company’s so-called referral program: If you convince someone else to buy a Tesla, you can give them a special link to order and then receive a reward for this. In the past, a recommendation was enough to provide the buyer with free supercharging for six months and, for example, a Tesla wallbox, but at the beginning of 2019 the program was abolished and then reintroduced with significantly reduced levels. But according to a report, even the Tesla is now becoming too expensive: The referral program is to be fundamentally changed.

$ 23 million Supercharger cost in Q1

Tesla’s advertisers and buyers are currently receiving free Supercharger power for 1,500 kilometers (1,000 miles in the USA). In addition, a Model Y is raffled once a month among all those who recommend and a new Tesla Roadster once a quarter. In the past, however, it was even possible to earn such an electric super sports car with referrals alone: ​​there was a two percent discount for every new Tesla buyer referred.

In this way, Tesla is said to have given away dozens of roadsters, which obviously became an expensive proposition. But according to a report by the blog Electrek, Tesla is now apparently too expensive even the significantly reduced recommendation incentives since 2019: In the first quarter of this year, the company should have missed 23 million dollars due to the free supercharger kilometers, which is why the referral program is currently fundamentally redesigned will.

In a way, Tesla seems to want to bring the program closer to its roots. It was intended as an incentive for recommendations among friends or acquaintances, but the referral codes were quickly – and in some cases very successfully – used by blogs, YouTubers and participants in social media to collect rewards from relatively strangers. According to Electrek, these codes are now to be completely abolished and replaced by an app solution.

Is Tesla getting more generous again?

The details and timing are not yet clear, according to the blog. In general, however, it is planned to enable interested parties to take private test drives using the Tesla app. Owners should be able to share their electric car with others via the smartphone control, and if they then buy a Tesla, there is a bonus. What it looks like is still open. It would be conceivable, however, that the more personal character of the program would allow more generous rewards again.


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