Report: Tesla has the first 200 employees for Gigafactory, applicant days from December

The preparations for the production of the Model Y in Germany are not only in full swing on the construction site for the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin: At the same time, Tesla has started to recruit staff for it with the help of the employment agencies in the region. According to their information, 7000 to 8000 people will be needed for the first phase – and as has now become known, the first 200 of them have already been hired. In December there will also be applicant days, during which decisions will be made quickly and on a large scale about further hires.

Tesla’s new Giga boss comes from Ford

LR Online reported on Thursday from a press conference of the responsible employment agency in Frankfurt an der Oder. The first 200 Tesla employees are to be used as warehouse workers, writes the local publication. When they should start their jobs, however, initially remained open. In addition, the first engineering positions are said to have been filled. Together with the agencies in Cottbus and Berlin, a project group for Tesla’s German gigafactory jobs has been set up.

It became known in recent weeks that several technical management positions at Tesla in Grünheide have already been filled. Among other things, two executives from the Daimler group moved to Giga Berlin, and after the dismissal of former head Evan Horetsky, responsibility for Tesla’s German construction now lies with a long-standing Ford manager who began his career as a painter. In addition, CEO Elon Musk was recently in Germany again to hire top engineers as problem solvers for the German Tesla factory.

Personnel at this level should not be placed by the employment agencies, but Tesla also needs the several thousand employees for the actual production. According to the report from LR Online, things should “get serious” here in the coming weeks. From December, according to the job agencies, applicant days with “large-scale interviews” are planned, which would run at the typical Tesla pace: After tests and discussions, a decision should be made on hiring on the same evening.

Really 2700 euros for giga jobs?

The many new Tesla employees should be found mainly among the unemployed and job changers (which probably means the industry, not the employer), LR Online quotes the head of the Frankfurt employment agency. The lowest monthly salary for unskilled workers can be expected to be 2700 euros. That corresponds to the median income in the whole of Brandenburg, he had already explained at the beginning of November; professionally trained workers would receive 3500 euros.

According to a B.Z. report, a State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs described this statement this week as “unhappy”. The Ministry does not want to judge whether the numbers mentioned are correct.


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