Report: Tesla is in great demand as a company car at SAP, not allowed because of service

After all, Tesla has a page specifically for “fleets and companies” on its German website, but the electric pioneer is not aware of any close support for large corporate customers such as that provided by established car manufacturers. Maybe he doesn’t need that – according to CEO Elon Musk, Tesla only lacks production capacity, not demand, in order to grow even faster. But according to a report, Tesla would not even be an option as a company car supplier for two large German companies – the service offering does not go far enough for either of them.

More and more Teslas per service center

Tesla continues to increase the number of its service presences in Germany and many other countries, but it is barely keeping pace with the increase in its electric cars. According to estimates by the investment company Loup Ventures, which is invested in Tesla, there was one service center for every 5,700 vehicles in the US in 2020. From 1900 Teslas per center, the number is said to have risen continuously since 2017. Outside the USA, according to a Loup study, with the last 3210 Tesla vehicles per service center, things are looking better, but here too the trend is upwards.

Private customers find themselves with the sometimes long journeys to the service center or call one of the mobile Tesla rangers, who, however, cannot do all repairs on site. Professional car buyers, however, simply seem to ask for more – and not give in to the pressure of employees.

At least that applies to the German software company SAP with around 100,000 employees worldwide, as its fleet boss Steffen Krautwasser said to the news agency Bloomberg. In Germany he is responsible for 17,000 company cars. In an interview, Krautwasser reported that SAP staff were “extremely interested” in Tesla’s electric cars. But he simply cannot offer this at the moment: It must be possible for repair teams to be available at short notice, and Tesla has “still some work to do” here.

German brands dominate company cars

At SAP, hybrid cars from BMW and Mercedes are currently the most popular company cars, Bloomberg reports – both brands would offer service during the working day near the headquarters in Walldorf. According to his information, the fleet boss now receives dozens of requests for a Tesla every month, but they are rejected. According to the report, the situation is similar for the chemical company BASF with 50,000 employees in Germany. According to a spokeswoman, Tesla company cars are not permitted here either. That will change “as soon as the appropriate infrastructure is in place”.

According to Bloomberg, Volkswagen is clearly at the top of the company car market in Germany with 360,000 new registrations in 2020, followed by the other domestic brands Mercedes, BMW and Audi (and then Ford with 133,000 more). Tesla, on the other hand, only had 6100 commercial registrations, making it last. Across Europe, the company is missing out on a market with a total volume of $ 360 billion – but if private demand is met, Tesla should also find ways to meet professional automotive requirements.


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