Report: Tesla plans 550,000 Model 3 and Model Y from China in 2021, 110,000 for export

Tesla is currently offering a series of Model 3s in the standard range plus (SR +) version on its websites for Europe at a small discount, which were produced in the new Gigafactory in China instead of at the main Fremont plant. A total of 7,000 of these are to be sent to Europe on a first ship – and new information suggests that China exports are not just an interim solution: According to a report, Tesla wants to increase production in the local Gigafactory to 550,000 electric cars in the coming year, In addition to Model 3, Model Y should also be exported.

250,000 Tesla Model Y in 2021

According to its own information, the Chinese news site 36 Krypton learned these numbers from “several industry insiders”. Accordingly, Tesla wants to increase production of the Model 3 in China to 300,000 in 2021 and produce a total of 250,000 pieces of the Model Y. The Gigafactory building there for the Model Y next to the first one for the Model 3 now appears to have been completed, and at the end of October Tesla showed the interior, in which machines were already installed.

According to the latest report, production of the second Tesla model in China is set to begin in early 2021. The local Model Y is already registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. And if the numbers of 36 kryptons are correct, the ramp-up of its production would proceed even faster than that of the Model 3, which itself is much more smoothly than from 2017 in Fremont. The report also confirms reports that the Model Y is also to be exported from China. So it could come onto the European market before production starts in the new German Gigafactory. However, only 10,000 exports are planned for 2021.

Model 3 and Model Y from China for Europe

According to 36 Krypton, Tesla China also wants to further increase production of Model 3: A total of 300,000 of these should roll off the Gigafactory’s belts in 2021. According to the last known figures, there were a good 12,000 Model 3s in September, i.e. around 150,000 extrapolated over a year. Tesla had named a weekly rate of 4,000 electric cars as its own goal for 2020, i.e. a good 200,000 per year.

According to the new information, there should be significantly more in 2021 – and 100,000 Model 3s from China alone should be destined for export that year. This suggests that the current ship delivery with Model 3 SR + will not remain an isolated case. It remains to be seen whether the variants of the basic Tesla with a larger battery will also come to Europe from China in the coming year and when. But it would be good news for local customers, because according to current reports, the Chinese Model 3 impresses with an exceptionally low defect rate.


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