Residency in luxury: This is how it is to fly business class on the Emirates A380

Since the tickets cost thousands of euros, it never made sense to fly in business class.

That changed, however, when Airbus announced earlier this year that it would be giving up the A380, the largest and most expensive commercial aircraft in history, in 2021.

In the decade since its inception, Airbus has often struggled to find buyers for the A380, with the exception of Emirates, the largest airline in the Middle East and fourth largest in the world, which is also ranked fourth best in the world. With over 100 A380 aircraft, Emirates has fulfilled its promise of unparalleled luxury in air travel with an investment of $ 445.6 million.

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The second deck of the Emirates A380 is intended for first and business class passengers, each of whom has a cabin with a lie-flat seat, minibar, tablet and widescreen TV. There is even a lounge where flight attendants mix cocktails. For many flight junkies, flying in business class in an Emirates-operated A380 is the crème de la crème of flight experience.

For a 14-hour flight from Dubai International Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport with the A380, I gave up my economy ticket and instead booked a business class ticket worth 5,000 euros.

I flew in business class on the Emirates A380


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