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Responding to Mediacourant over, the reader cries and Gordon laughs

Respond under the articles of Press release is no longer possible as of today. Readers hate it. Many said at the announcement that they were visiting this website ‘just for the reactions’.

Press release announced yesterday evening that it is no longer possible to respond because moderation “takes a disproportionate amount of time”. That happened because more and more hatred reactions that could not be put through the brace. The website, which mainly writes about television and radio and the people who belong to them, is now looking for an alternative.

Action Gordon against Mediacourant

TV maker and singer Gordon took action against it earlier this month Press release. With that, the no-longer-respond ball started rolling at the website. The decision follows after Gordon took legal action against the media platform earlier this month. He filed a complaint against writers for anonymous hatred comments among articles on the website. He also summoned Press release remove inadmissible comments and provide him with all known data of the authors. The website apologized.

Wake up without rubbish

Gordon woke up extra nice today now that it is no longer possible to respond to articles from Mediacourant. The singer speaks of a victory on Instagram.

“Wake up wonderfully and from now on without hate messages, death wishes and other garbage from the anonymous cowards,” the presenter writes with a selfie from his bed. “Good morning without worries! And through!”

Gordon, meanwhile, continues to collect signatures for his petition to stop anonymous hate messages on the internet and social media. The counter was over 27,000 this morning. The singer wants to reach 40,000 before Thursday 10 p.m. so that he gets speaking time in the House of Representatives.

Bales of decision Mediacourant

Many readers are fed up with the decision Press release. Under yesterday’s news report, numerous responses appeared to the fact that it is no longer possible to respond. This showed genuine disappointment (“I read Press release precisely because of the reactions ”). And yes, there was also abuse. Which came back a lot: the entertainment site would have succumbed to Gordon and many readers thought that was weak. The responses are now no longer available.

Luuk Ikink from RTL Boulevard has taken up the news on Twitter.

Completely biscuit

Someone asked in a response to Ikink if a victim helpline has already been opened. Ikink myself Press release: „Those reactors… there were some strange characters among them. My favorite was the figure who remarked for years with every first article of the day that “Veronica was doing better.” Manual, year after year, day after day. Completely biscuit, but also unique. ”

The comment function of Press release has been around for seventeen years. In a statement yesterday, the website stated: “It is the only workable solution in the short term. It also gives time to investigate an alternative that will enable interaction with visitors in the future. ”

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Responding to Mediacourant over, the reader cries and Gordon laughs


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