Restaurants only for vaccinated people? Federal government is examining the introduction of a digital vaccination certificate

Digital proof in credit card format: the vaccination certificate could look something like this

Digital proof in credit card format: the vaccination certificate could look something like this

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In Israel it is already a reality: Those who are vaccinated against the coronavirus receive a digital vaccination certificate (“green passport”). With this, a piece of normality returns to everyday life: Then fitness studios, vacation trips or restaurant visits are faster or possible again at all.

In Germany, politicians in this country reject this. Your argument: this would create a two-class society. That is not compatible with the Basic Law. But according to’s research, you are much further behind the scenes. Accordingly, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of the Interior are examining the nationwide introduction of a digital vaccination pass.

The plan: If you receive such a card, the corona rules continue to apply. But if, for example, restaurants or fitness studios are allowed to reopen, operators would be able to only grant access to vaccinated people. With the help of a QR code on the card, the name of the cardholder and the respective date of birth can be read out. If both match your identity card, you get a table or you can train. The same applies to tour operators: the company alltours announced at the weekend that it would only allow vaccinated people into its hotels. The international air transport association is already working on a digital ticket that will show whether or not you have been vaccinated. In the future, airlines would have the option of refusing flights to non-vaccinated people.

The model for the passport idea is a corresponding check card in the Bavarian district of Altötting (112,000 inhabitants). She is voluntary. After a second vaccination, those interested receive the card free of charge. The name, date of birth, place of residence and photo of the vaccinated person, vaccine and the two vaccination appointments are stored in encrypted form. If the vaccinated person scans the QR code, he can save the data on the smartphone. The district says the system is forgery-proof.

The problem, so it is said from the German government, is the incompatibility of the Altöttingen system with other European countries. A solution is needed here, but we are working on it. There could already be a decision within the federal government this week. It is possible that there will be a short competition for the best solution.


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