Restomod: Alfa Giulia GT with V6 biturbo from the Giulia QV

The Hamburg sports car specialist Emilia Auto enters the Restomod business. The first work is that Emilia GT Veloce Restomod – a Alfa Giulia GT Bertone, which is equipped with modern technology from the Giulia QV. Just 22 pieces are to be built!

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The project is to be realized together with Vela Performance – the Berlin company was involved in the development of the Ruf CTR3, among other things. An original Alfa Giulia GT, also popularly known as the Alfa Bertone, always serves as the basis. As befits a Restomod, the classic look is largely retained, but the chassis and technology have been fundamentally revised. A restomod can best be described as Classic cars with modern drive trains and describe comfort features. And the scene is booming: From the Porsche specialist Singer to the Mercedes expert mechatronics to newcomers such as Automobili Amos, there are now numerous brands that take care of the new editions of automotive legends!
● Restomod based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT
● Engine and gearbox from the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV
● 510 HP and 600 Nm torque
● Eight-speed automatic from ZF
● Rear wheel drive and limited slip differential
● only 1250 kilos light
● completely customizable
● Small series of 22 pieces planned
● The first vehicles could be delivered in 2022
● Unit price from around 400,000 euros

It wasn’t that long ago that at this point we came across the Totem Giulia GT Electric reported: a fully electric restomod based on the Alfa Giulia GT Junior, in whose loving design the Italian start-up invested 6000 hours. The first ready-to-drive prototype is currently attracting customers around the world. The Emilia GT Veloce Restomod is not quite that far, so far only renderings exist. If all goes well, the first GT Veloce Restomod should be completed in the second quarter of 2022.
Emilia GT Veloce Restomod

There are still only renderings of the Emilia GT Veloce. The first ready-to-drive model is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

2.9-liter six-cylinder with 510 hp in the Emilia GT Veloce

Emilia Auto’s approach is completely different from that of Totem Automobili, as Ralf-Hendrik Steinkühler, founder and managing director of Emilia Auto, explains: “We have noticed that many potential customers find classic vehicles fascinating, but they are easy to use with whose weaknesses are less tolerant than in the past. Many beautiful cars therefore disappear into collections and are rarely moved. At the same time, many modern sports cars lack the emotion, the focus on the essentials, the compact dimensions and the classic design. That was the starting point for our Restomod project. ”

A Electric motor was therefore out of the question due to the lack of emotions. Instead, the ready-to-drive GT Veloce, which weighs only 1250 kilograms, is to be powered by a V6 biturbo. More precisely, an engine with Ferrari genes – because it should be under the newly modeled hood 2.9-liter V6 biturbo from the currently available Alfa Giulia QV Find place. With 510 hp and 600 Nm the performance has more than quadrupled compared to the original (built from 1963 to 1975). And while you’re at it, the ZF eight-speed automatic transplanted from the Quadrifoglio Verde to the classic. But swapping the drive is just the beginning!

Giulia-Restomod with coilover kit from KW

The Restomod is based on an original Alfa Giulia GT; In order for the brute performance to get safely onto the road, the entire substructure has to be revised. So it is hardly surprising that that Chassis a new development is. Next to Independent suspension, double wishbone front and multi-link rear axles should be a electronic limited slip differential and a adaptive power steering are used. On the chassis side, Emilia trusts one Coilovers from KW, ABS and traction control should also be standard.

Classic Alfa design with modern influences

The design of a Restomod is a delicate balancing act: It is important to maintain the classic proportions and shapes and only carefully enrich them with modern elements. According to the renderings, the GT Veloce succeeded in doing this, because it can clearly be recognized as an Alfa Giulia GT. The body was only carefully revised and widened, but consists partly of Carbon. A good example is the molded bonnet that has a large slit across its entire width. This remodeling is necessary to make room for the large 2.9-liter V6 biturbo. Headlights and taillights are equipped with modern LED technology, there is also a central double exhaust with a matching diffuser and a large one 19 inch rims in a classic look.
Emilia GT Veloce Restomod

The interior is classic. Modern elements such as the instruments from the Giulia QV are only noticeable when you take a second look.

Recaro bucket seats in the interior

At the current stage there is only a drawing of the interior. Here, too, you can see that the team proceeded very carefully. The basic layout should be changed as little as possible, the clearly designed instruments adopted from the Giulia QV are only noticeable on closer inspection. Otherwise dominate Wood and leather. But Emilia also equips the GT Veloce with comfort features such as automatic air conditioning, electric window lifters and modern infotainment – all lovingly integrated into the cockpit. At the same time, the sporty claim should not be lost, which is why the driver and co-driver will not be available until 2022 at the earliest Recaro bucket seats Should take a seat; the back seat is omitted. As is usual with small series, customers can customize the GT Veloce according to their wishes.

Emilia GT Veloce Restomod at a unit price of around 400,000 euros

It will take a while until then, because the Restomod is still just a rendering. The first ready-to-drive model should be in the second quarter of 2022 to get finished. If all goes well, the first could do the 22 planned customer vehicles to be delivered in the same year. The unit price should be about 400,000 euros gross with which the Emilia GT Veloce would be minimally cheaper than the electric totem Giulia GT Electric, which should be available from 430,000 euros. In the end, customers have a choice: combustion or gasoline?

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