Return period at Amazon: This is now changing for customers

  • The online mail order company Amazon is not extending its grace period for return periods during the Corona crisis, reports the trade magazine “Chip-Online”.
  • Packages ordered between February 15th and April 30th have a return period until May 31st.
  • As of now, the parcels must be requested and returned again within 30 days.

The online mail order company Amazon extended the return period for orders between February 15 and April 30 due to the corona crisis. Orders during this time can be returned until May 31st. This period expires soon and the goodwill regulation is no longer valid for current orders.

According to the specialist magazine “Chip-Online”, the campaign is no longer being extended. As of now, customers have 30 days to return. The original promotion did not apply to marketplace providers.

Employees also benefited from the extended return period

During the Corona crisis, Amazon wanted to make it easier for customers to return items through the goodwill arrangement. Many parcels and deliveries were sometimes delayed by many weeks. But the employees also benefited from the extended return period. This resulted in fewer returns in the warehouses, which gave employees more time to process them.

Now everything goes back to normal for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any benefits on Amazon. If you register on Amazon Music Unlimited by June 2nd, you will get the first three months for free from the in-house music streaming service.


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