Returnal: New trailer presents gameplay of the PS5 exclusive game

A PlayStation 5 exclusive! Most of you are still waiting for your PS5 console and not for the next exclusive game. Nevertheless, the exclusive games are of course particularly interesting, especially at the start of a new generation. One of them is Returnal by Housemarque and it will be released on March 19, 2021. So it’s high time to learn a little more about the gameplay of the sci-fi shooter.

According to the developers, Returnal mixes different playing styles. “The game is a combination of the arcade action that we are known for, responsive controls and wild blasts – and all of this is available from a third-person perspective,” said Creative Director Harry Krueger, who tells you on PlayStation Blog reveals more about that.

But pictures say more than a thousand words – you can find the new trailer below. If you are convinced, you can pre-order Returnal from Amazon *. A digital pre-order bonus is also waiting there.

Trapped in an endless loop on an alien planet

In Returnal, the player takes on the role of an astronaut, Selene, stranded on the edge of the galaxy. She is in a kind of endless loop dream. Every death is followed by a resuscitation, and every time the game world and the process change completely. The developer promises roguelike elements to match.

The title is atmospherically extremely dark and is almost reminiscent of a kind of dead space. When it comes to gameplay, however, Returnal relies on significantly more action, because the game is more in the direction of an action shooter. An exciting story should also be told.

The adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller are also used. Each weapon has a special chargeable attack that is triggered when the trigger is fully depressed. If you only press it halfway, you attack normally.

Images: Returnal, Sony, Housemarque


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