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Reusable household products: this is how you do something good for the environment

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There are reusable alternatives for many disposable household products.

These pollute the environment less and even save you money.

We have compiled here for you which everyday helpers you can do something good for the environment – we particularly like these high-quality stainless steel drinking straws *.

The best reusable products for your household

Your heart bleeds when you see the overflowing rubbish bin – not because the walk to the bin is inevitable, but because every week an incredible amount of plastic and other disposable items come together. You don’t feel like that anymore? Great! Here we show you a few household products that will help you produce less waste in the future.

Permanent baking foil


Baking paper is often used in cooking and baking – but it often has to be thrown away after just one use. This is not the case with these reusable baking trays * for baking trays, racks and microwaves: the baking sheet made of Teflon is non-stick coated, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. The set contains different sizes, but can also be cut individually.

Permanent baking foil from Amazy – 15.99 at Amazon *

Bamboo kitchen roll


You often need paper towels to wipe kitchen surfaces, but would you like them to be reusable? Then try it with bamboo kitchen roll * from sustainable bamboo cultivation. The towels are stable and absorbent – they can also be washed in the washing machine after use instead of ending up in the trash. So you can reuse the individual towels up to 65 times.

Bamboo kitchen roll from yabamboo – 11.95 euros at Amazon *

Beeswax towels


Cling film doesn’t come into your house anymore? That’s a good thing, because it is also much more environmentally friendly: Beeswax towels *, which you can use again and again, save you a lot of plastic waste. By the way, they don’t just look beautiful: thanks to their naturally antibacterial properties, they are perfect for storing and keeping vegetables, fruit, cheese or fish fresh.

Cleaning tip: After use, they are simply washed under cold water with a drop of detergent and then dried in the fresh air.

Bees wax towels from ForBee – 8.95 euros at Amazon *

Stainless steel drinking straws


Plastic straws are no longer for you, but you are still looking for a practical alternative? Perhaps these high-quality stainless steel drinking straws * will come into question for you: they are available in different sizes for each drink, and two cleaning brushes are also included. They can also be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Stainless steel drinking straw set by AuruA – 12.99 euros at Amazon *

Live sustainably – with these household products

Every piece of plastic saved and every disposable item not bought counts – if we rethink the small things, we can also achieve great things. And as you can see: With these household products you don’t have to limit yourself in everyday life.


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