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Review: is this smart toothbrush worth the money?

A toothbrush for 400 euros? I assumed in advance that this would be overkill anyway. Renowned brands have electric toothbrushes from 40 euros. Can a 10 times as expensive toothbrush be 10 times as good? After two weeks of use, I am less sure of my judgment.

Oral-B’s press release doesn’t help, with this kind of language: “Six years of dedicated research with dentists has been conducted to discover a completely original brushing experience.” That makes me a little nauseous. And then I don’t feel like cleaning at all. Which is odd, because “brushing their teeth turns from something they have to do into something they want to do,” said a final boss at Procter & Gamble. Okay, that press release will go to the trash and we’ll open the box.

I suspect if you buy the toothbrush from the store you will not get the experience that I have. But I literally got a box containing a video player that plays the commercial when you open it. In 10 years’ time we think that’s normal, but I had to take a break. With the question: how do you recycle this box? Can I reuse that video player for Valentine’s Day?

Artificial intelligence app

Oral-B iO toothbrushes use artificial intelligence to know where you are brushing and how hard you are pressing. Via an app on your phone you can see where you are brushing, whether you have done that long enough and whether you have had all sides of all teeth and molars.

I don’t like to agree with people with high-flown press releases, but brushing teeth has become a lot more fun. Previously I had trouble keeping it up for two minutes, but because you get visual feedback and you can see which parts you haven’t polished yet, you can finish the job well. Washing windows is also best when you have dirty windows. So brushing virtual pixels off your teeth is also a lot more festive than just stirring things around in your mouth. By the way, I envision an alternative children’s app where you have to fill a wall with graffiti or empty a ditch of lemonade. You can call me, Oral-B. Admittedly, my kids now brush both for almost 3 minutes to get “Perfect Coverage” in the picture, but I don’t know how long that will be fun enough.

Anyway, I don’t pay that big amount for a nice app. I want my teeth to get better clean. According to the press release, research has shown that I can expect 100 percent more plaque removal after eight weeks, 100 percent healthier gums in one week and six times more plaque removal along the gum line. Now, with my education, I am not entitled to make any statements about this. But after every brushing, my teeth feel like I just visited the dental hygienist, but without the painful mouth and bleeding gums.

Also for less

I almost think that the toothbrush is worth the 400 euros. Fortunately most people disagree with me and this toothbrush can be bought for considerably less. Oral-B itself now has it on offer for 225 euros.

There are also variations on this toothbrush with slightly less brushing programs and a black and white screen, but the same brushing experience. And they also cost less.

The Oral-B iO 9S comes with a magnetic charger, a travel case with charger and one brush with a holder for two brushes. All top except that holder for those brushes. That is a rubbery thing that you lift every time you want to grab a brush. For 400 euros I want a system where everything works perfectly.

But can be connected with one telephone

But the biggest loss is the ability to switch users. You can pair the toothbrush with one phone that keeps track of your brushing behavior. If my 7-year-old son uses the toothbrush with his own brush attachment, I cannot switch phones or change a profile within the app. Super annoying. Because who is going to spend 1,600 euros on toothbrushes for a family of four? I myself use an old phone that is stuck in the bathroom, but an option to switch profiles would make this toothbrush more valuable. Little effort, Oral-B!

For around 250 euros, I would seriously consider buying this toothbrush. If you look a little on the internet, you will find the 7N with black and white screen for 175 euros. Double sets are also cheaper per piece: for 230 euros you have twice the 8S. Basically the same toothbrush as I tested, but with a few brushing programs less.

The Oral-B iO 9S makes brushing a lot more pleasant and gives a phenomenal result. Now Oral-B only has to update that app, so that more users can be added.


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