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What is it?

The market for gaming headsets and professional headphones has long remained separate. Where companies like Steelseries, Corsair and Razer have dominated the gamer market for years, traditional audio companies like Sennheiser and Teufel have remained neatly on their side of the fence. That only changed when Sennheiser decided to come up with Game One and break the dividing line.

The German Teufel has decided to make the same choice and introduce its first headset for gamers with the CAGE. As we can expect from our eastern neighbors, this has been done with mechanical precision, which is immediately reflected in the design of the headphones: sleek, robust and with high-quality materials. Despite the slightly light weight of 330 grams, you have to do your best to break the headset. Which we certainly cannot say about all competitors.

In the austere box, in addition to the headphones, you also get two cables – a long USB cable and a short 3.5mm cable – and of course a microphone to connect. A gaming headset is not complete without a microphone to communicate with your teammates.

Is it something?

It is nice that the Teufel CAGE can take a beating and comes with modular accessories, but with headphones it is of course mainly about how it sounds. In that regard, Teufel has learned enough from her years in the audio industry. Clear, detailed and above all balanced. This gives all tones, from sub bass to the highest notes, plenty of room to spoil your ears. The CAGE does this in several ways, because the ear cushions are wonderfully comfortable. It is a pity that the earcups can barely rotate, making the headphones not suitable for every head.

Fortunately, the microphone is not disappointing. According to our fellow gamers, we were clearly and clearly understood during games and ambient noise was not an obstacle in communication. Very useful in games where it is vital. If you want to adjust the properties of the microphone to your own taste, you can do so via the Teufel Media Center application.

With the software it is also possible to change the sound of the headphones themselves, but the default settings are almost perfect. This not only shows that Teufel knows what she is doing, but it is also a lucky accident for console gamers. The software can only be used on PC and not on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, but because the default settings are so good you will not miss that. However, there is a button to switch between Surround Sound or stereo and different preset sound profiles.

It all sounds like a very complete total package and it certainly is. You probably already feel it coming, but the Teufel CAGE gaming headset carries a hefty price tag. With a suggested retail price of 170 euros, the headphones will not be in the reach of every gamer. Just as with designer clothes, you pay for quality and you can enjoy your purchase for a long time.

Pros and cons

+ High quality build quality

+ Wonderfully comfortable

+ Detailed and balanced sound

+ Clear microphone

+ Many customizable via software

– Software not available for consoles

– Ear cups can hardly rotate

– High recommended price


In the field of gaming headsets, Teufel immediately hit a homerun with her first attempt. The audio company does pretty much everything right, although a little more agility in the cups would have been desirable. The high suggested retail price is a logical consequence, although for some gamers this will be a bit too large an assessment on their savings account. On the other hand, if you have the financial resources available, it will be a difficult task to find a better gaming headset for that money in order to fully enjoy an intensive game of Call of Duty or Battlefield.


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