Review: this Samsung monitor can also play for TV

Some new products are so obvious that you think: this can’t be anything else someone else would have thought of it long ago. The Samsung Smart Monitor M5 is a cross between a monitor and a smart TV. You might think: isn’t it just a smart TV without a TV tuner? Yes and no. Because the M5 has a few more tricks that make it useful as a second TV in the bedroom, which has now also become your office.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can tap it against this screen to view the contents of your phone. Thanks to the USB-C port you can charge your laptop at this monitor with 65W.

With Remote Access you can also set up a wireless connection with a PC that is located elsewhere in the house. With VNC you can then see what is happening on that other computer. If you connect a mouse via bluetooth, you can work remotely on the computer.

You can also log in to Office 365 remotely and conjure up your Powerpoints, for example. The advantages of this are not entirely clear to me, unless you miss a computer at home and use this monitor as a (slow) computer to type word documents, for example.

The 32 inch screen is also a nice size for the bedroom. Especially since apps such as Netflix and Prime are installed by default and have a hotkey on the remote control. You can also add the app from NPO, Disney + and numerous other video providers to the app store. Funnily enough, installing apps didn’t seem to work at first. The ‘Install’ button kept popping up. But after a while of waiting, Disney + was suddenly between the possibilities.

The voice control via Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby is not recommended. Samsung’s voice recognition doesn’t come close to what you’re used to from Siri or Google Assistant.

The M5 is its own thin client (PC with limited computing power), a monitor, a charging station for your laptop and an entertainment center in one device. For many people with a home office or a teenager at home, this could be the ideal solution. Especially considering the price. The 27-inch version costs 250 euros, the 32-inch version 290 euros.

If you think full-hd is something from the last century, then you can go for the M7, which offers 4K image. The M7 is also 32 inches in size, but costs 400 euros.

Rutger Middendorp reviews gadgets for Bright.


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