Review: wireless security camera Arlo Go

You can find smart cameras for around your house in all shapes and sizes. From 4K to VHS quality, from battery guzzlers to screwed to the wall. But what they have in common is that they all want a network connection. Usually via WiFi, sometimes with a network cable.

That makes the new Arlo Go special: this wireless smart camera has room for a SIM card, so you can also hang it all the way in front of your driveway, or behind your tennis court where the WiFi is not so good.

The first thing you notice about the Arlo Go is that it is gigantic. Keep it next to the regular Arlo cameras and the design is similar, but with a BMI of 35. It is also quite white and not exactly inconspicuous. You can buy covers in black or green rubber and even a Ghillie suit, so that your camera can hang up the tree dressed as a sniper.

Save video locally

What Arlo excels in is the ability to locally save video. You can also subscribe and store in the cloud. For 2.79 per month per camera, you get advanced notifications, person detection and you can set specific motion zones. For 8.99 euros you have 30 days of cloud storage and you can add as many cameras as you want.

But the nice thing about the Arlo cameras is that you still have quite a lot of functionality without that subscription. By default, you already get cloud storage from the past week in pieces of up to 10 seconds. In addition, you can insert a microSD card into the ArloGo to record much more.

Data plan and image quality

What you’re attached to anyway is a data plan. According to Arlo, the Go uses about 850 Mb per month of mobile data. That of course strongly depends on how often you sit in your app looking at what the camera sees.

The relatively low data consumption is because the camera streams with 720P. That is not enough to recognize the color of your burglar’s eyes. The Arlo Ultra can record in 4K quality. So if you can connect to your WiFi, that is the better choice. Also because the Arlo Go costs 375 euros. For the same money, you can also buy a set of two Arlo Pro 2 cameras that film in full-HD. We therefore only recommend the Arlo Go if it really cannot be used on your WiFi.

A nice extra is the ability to conjure the image from the camera on your Google Nest Hub or another smart screen. “Hey Google, show me the tennis court” gives a neat image of your butler secretly calling. With 2-way audio you can talk to him and hear his reaction.

Recommended in places without WiFi

If you need a security camera that keeps an eye on a place where there is no Wi-Fi, the Arlo Go is a great purchase. It’s easy to install, the app is simple to use, and the image quality is good enough to at least alert you and tell you that someone in a black hoodie is robbing your teahouse.


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