Revive automatic backup of the Windows registry

Earlier Windows versions had an automatically created copy of the registry. How to reactivate the backup in more recent versions of the operating system.

In earlier versions of Windows there was always an automatically created copy of the registry in the folder “C: Windows System32 config RegBack”. The regular backup was triggered by the Windows task scheduler, but the folder has remained empty since Windows 10 version 1803. Microsoft has switched off the backup and, according to its own statements, wants to reduce the space required by Windows. A copy of the registry usually requires a little more than 100 MB of storage space. If you can do this, the backup can be reactivated.

To do this, open the registry editor: Type regedit in the search field on the taskbar and click on the name of the tool in the hit list. Then open the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Control Session Manager Configuration Manager”. Right-click in the right half of the window and go to “New -› DWORD value (32-bit) ”. Name the new value “EnablePeriodicBackup” and double-click it. Enter 1 as the value and close the window with “OK”.

After restarting Windows, a backup of the registry files should appear again in the “RegBack” folder after a while.


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