Rewe, Rossmann and dm: This service can be expensive

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Why make the detour to the bank branch when cash withdrawals – and even deposits – are also possible at the supermarket checkout. Many supermarkets now offer their customers these cash services. But what many do not know: the service is not always free of charge.

The Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia took a random look at the conditions for three drugstore chains (dm, Rossmann, Müller) and seven supermarket chains (Aldi Nord, Aldi Süd, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka, Netto and Kaufland).

Cash can usually be withdrawn without hesitation

According to the investigation, it was possible to withdraw up to 200 euros almost anywhere. There are no hidden costs or small print anywhere. The only condition is a purchase value of at least five to ten euros.

Only Aldi Nord does not currently offer this service. At Edeka, consumer advocates only found individual branches where this was not possible. At Rossmann there is a restriction that the customer’s bank must have a cooperation with the payment service provider However, this now applies to a number of large financial institutions: the customer base includes five Sparda banks, a savings bank, the DKB, the Fidor Bank and other direct banks.

Caution should be exercised when making cash deposits

Deposits to your own account only work for three of the examined chains: Rewe, dm and Rossmann. Up to 999.99 euros can be deposited here every day. However, an account with one of the banks that belong to the partners of the payment service provider is also required.

But fees lurk here, which depend on the conditions of the respective financial service providers. For example, one of the banks examined had an allowance of 100 euros for deposits and also demands 1.75 percent of the sum for deposits. Another institute generally charges a fee of 1.5 percent of the total. Calculation example: If the daily maximum of EUR 999.99 is paid in, fees of almost EUR 15 are incurred.


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