Riders flee Sunshine Tour over fear of horse virus | Sport

After it became known that a horse is staying at that event in Vejer de la Frontera that has the symptoms of the deadly disease, many riders (including ten Dutchmen) have packed their bags or are busy getting away.

According to a press release from the organization, it concerns a four-legged friend from Belgium who participated in the competitions until 22 February. Four days later, the competition was informed that the animal had developed a fever, after which it was quarantined. Rhino virus testing showed that the horse was not infected. Today, however, neurological signs were seen in the horse that indicate rhinopneumonia.

That news quickly spread to the hundreds of riders present from all over Europe. What was actually tried to prevent contamination as much as possible – not too much travel – happened on Thursday afternoon and evening: the vast majority of horse people wanted to leave in a hurry. The Sunshine Tour was supposed to last another four weeks, but will be canceled this weekend.

The question is how far the trucks that go to all corners of the world can get. In particular, the participants who have to travel far, have to stop a few times along the way to look after the horses. This usually happens at stables along the fixed routes, but many of them are not accessible due to the outbreak of the virus.


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