Rihanna under fire after using Islamic quotes in Fenty fashion show

Singer / fashion designer Rihanna is under fire after the most recent fashion show of her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. During that show she used music that included quotes from the Hadith. These are sacred texts about Muhammad that supplement the Koran. Using these words in a non-religious context is considered offensive to Islam.

This weekend, Rihanna held her fashion show from Los Angeles for the lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. That show took place without an audience but could be followed live via Amazon Prime. Initially, the singer received a lot of praise for using models of different sizes, genders and ethnicities on the show. But now there is also a lot of criticism of the show.

Savage X Fenty

Rihanna gave her extrovert show this weekend for the lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. This year, inclusivity was central. The 32-year-old singer opted for a varied range of models. This concerned models with sizes XS to 3XL. Top models Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne participated in this, but also singer Lizzo and actress Demi Moore were present.

The show was received with great enthusiasm and especially Rihanna’s choice of models in all colors and sizes was praised worldwide. But in the meantime, another part of the show is facing a lot of criticism.


During one part of the show, the song played in the background Doom from London producer CouCou Chloe. In the meantime, people danced on stage and models in lingerie also appeared.

But song selection is now the subject of a lot of criticism. Part of the Hadith is sampled in the song. The Hadith is an extension of the Quran in which the traditions of the do and not and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad are collected. It is therefore about texts that are sacred to Muslims and may therefore not be used just like that and certainly not to parade in lingerie. There was already criticism against Rihanna on Twitter. It also became clear that it was not the first time that she used the song and therefore probably already knew about the Hadith. For now, Rihanna has not yet responded to the allegations.


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