Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty responds to controversy about Islam, but only adds fuel to the fire

Rihanna came under fire after Savage X Fenty’s most recent fashion show. The reason was the use of a song in which a passage from the Hadith, a sacred scripture of Islam, was sampled.

After the Savage X Fenty fashion show this weekend, Rihanna initially received positive response for the inclusiveness of her models. There were models from clothing size XS to 3XL, but also models of all kinds of ethnicities and genders. In contrast, another part of the show became part of a storm of criticism.


Rihanna used the song for part of the show Doom from London producer CouCou Chloe. In that song a part of the Hadith is sampled. The Hadith is an extension of the Quran in which the traditions of the do and not and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad are collected. So these are texts that are sacred to Muslims and therefore cannot be used just like that and certainly not to dance to in daring lingerie.

The fragment went around on social media, where Rihanna received a lot of criticism. Moreover, it would not be the first time that Rihanna uses the specific number in one of her shows.


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Rihanna herself has not yet responded to the allegations, but the team behind Fenty Beauty did. Fenty Beauty’s Instagram account was raining comments on the use of the Hadith passage, so Fenty Beauty responded on behalf of Savage X Beauty.

“We apologize for the song appearing on Savage X Fenty’s show. We shouldn’t have used it. The lyrics from the song have been replaced and the show is being adjusted (the show can be viewed on Amazon Prime, ed.) ”, The team writes. “We have nothing but respect for the Muslim community. All of Fenty’s brands are built on inclusivity and respect for all and this was an unfortunate mistake on our part. We will be more careful in the future so that this doesn’t happen again.


But the apologies are not accepted. For example, people under the comment say that it is disrespectful to see the use of the number as an “unfortunate mistake”.

Others are unhappy that the apologies are coming from Rihanna’s team and not from the singer herself. In addition, they also believe that the statement is not public enough. Since it is a response to a comment on an Instagram post, you should actively look for the post and many believe that this is not a public apology.


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