Rik Daems looks back on the election campaign with a camper: “Given the circumstances, I would have bought it better”

Last year, Rik Daems pushed the list for the Flemish Parliament in Flemish Brabant. He traveled through the province with a camper, and to the tune of a homemade election song entitled “Daems Daems Pushes”. “I always try to come out original and it was a very good way to get to know every corner of the province. In the morning I got up in one municipality and in the evening I arrived in another municipality. Ideal to be close to the people. ”

The camper no longer has Daems. “I rented it, although I would have bought it better in view of the summer ahead.” Should new elections come during this period, Daems would still go out to campaign. “I don’t know yet how I would approach it. But I would not only rely on social media, personal contact is also necessary. I would come up with a creative solution to get to people, while keeping the necessary distance. ”


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