Ring record: Tesla Model 3 with tuning close to the electric car record of Porsche Taycan

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is fast, but not a sports car – with relatively few modifications, however, it can be made into one. The tuner Unplugged Performance (UP), which specializes in Tesla, recently set up an agency directly at the German Nürburgring to sell and install its racing modifications there. And according to his information, a customer with an upgraded Model 3 has just set a new Tesla best time on the ring, which is very close to the electric car record of the Porsche Taycan.

Model 3 two seconds behind Porsche

At the market launch of the Taycan last summer, Porsche announced that it had set a new record time for “four-door fully electric sports cars” on the Eifel circuit with a near-series prototype of the electric car: 7 minutes and 42 seconds. Tesla then sent converted Model S onto the track, which were equipped with a new Plaid drive with three motors and a modified chassis (as well as more aerodynamic parts and larger tires). Unofficially, Tesla is said to have significantly undercut the Taycan.

And the smaller Tesla Model 3 also seems to be on the best way to overtake the expensive Taycan at the Nürburgring, at least with racing modifications. The customer’s performance model was equipped with special UP suspension, brakes and wheels as well as a rear wing, the tuner announced. And the time with that is more than impressive: The modified Tesla is said to have rounded the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7 minutes, 44 seconds and 3 tenths, i.e. only 2 seconds slower than the pre-production Taycan.

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That is a new lap record for the Model 3, reported Unplugged Performance on Monday on Twitter. At the same time (apart from the plaid prototypes) it should have been the fastest Tesla on the ring to date. Because the Model S is even stronger, but also tends to overheat earlier.

And even without further modifications, the current record of the Tesla Model 3 Performance still seems to be expandable, because according to the information it was driven out on an unlocked route. The electric car should have been on the road for everyone as part of the Ring tourist trips, where both races and timekeeping are actually prohibited for safety reasons. UP doesn’t seem to have bothered about that.

Better Tesla cooling in preparation?

The Tesla could take more seconds from the Porsche Taycan if the temperature problem is solved: In two earlier ring laps with an indoor camera, the drive of the Model 3 got too hot towards the end of the route, so that less power was available. A stronger cooling would prevent this in the opinion of the driver – and because UP works closely with its customers, one can assume that a solution is already in preparation.


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