Rivian details the prices of its electric pick-up

A few days before the opening of pre-orders, Rivian reveals the prices of its two electric cars. Starting price: $ 67,500 on the American market.

Challenger for Tesla and its Cybertruck in the electric pickup segment, Rivian plans to hit the market ahead of its California competitor. Open for pre-reservation for a few months, the Rivian R1S and R1T will be available for pre-order from Monday, November 16 for holders of a pre-reservation and from November 23 for others. The opportunity for the manufacturer to lift the veil on the prices of its two models.

From 67,500 $

Based on the same platform, the Rivian R1T and R1S are distinguished by their bodywork. While the R1T is presented as a pure pickup, the R1S is placed in the family SUV market. Either way, the battery configuration is the same with a 135 kWh pack promising over 300 miles of range (480 km).

In terms of price, the price differential is $ 2,500 between the two models. In its base version, the Explore, the R1T electric pickup starts at $ 67,500 in the US market compared to $ 70,000 for the R1S. Better equipped for off-road driving, the Adventure and Launch Edition versions are offered at the same price. Count $ 75,000 for the R1T and $ 77,500 for the R1S.

First deliveries in June 2021

Like its Californian competitor, Rivian will deliver its vehicles in different stages. Priority, the Launch Edition will be the first to be delivered (hence its name). The pickup version will start the ball rolling with deliveries from June 2021 while the R1S will follow a few weeks later with deliveries expected in August of the same year. For the other versions, it will be necessary to wait until early 2022.

Note that Rivian plans to expand its range soon with other versions. On the battery side, two other packs are expected. Configured in 105 kWh with a lighter engine part, the first will offer around 400 km with a load while the second, in 180 kWh, will be able to climb to more than 600 km.



R1S Explore

$ 70,000

January 2022

R1S Launch Edition

$ 77,500

August 2021

R1S Adventure

$ 77,500

January 2021

R1T Explore

$ 67,500

January 2022

R1T Launch Edition

$ 75,000

June 2021

R1T Adventure

$ 75,000

January 2021


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