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According to Rivian, you are in a “quiet phase”, a phase of silence. Test drives in the first model of the US start-up, the Pick-up R1T? Impossible for foreign media. Reports of millions lost and delays in the first deliveries – it seems that Rivian has more important things to do than the Germans do to her first production car to demonstrate. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

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So AUTO BILD drives to the Rivian plant in the small town of Normal, a two-hour drive south of Chicago. In the former Mitsubishi factory will soon build the company for Amazon delivery truck and now the R1T. Entry: forbidden. But a few miles further we catch an R1T – and persuade its owner to take a short jaunt. The pick-up in the “premier green” livery only rolled off the production line a few days ago; the man behind the wheel works at Rivian. He used to work for Bosch in Germany. Now, on a country road north of Normal, he presses the accelerator pedal and the passenger into the extremely comfortable seats vegan leather. “Well,” asks the proud owner, “how does that feel?” A bit like that Ford F-150 Lightning – and yet different.
Rivian R1T

Vegan leather, wood and a fully digital cockpit: the Rivian R1T doesn’t really look like a pick-up workhorse anymore.

An electric pick-up as a lifestyle product

Perhaps this is also due to the fact that each wheel has its own Electric motor Has. And the Torque vectoring, the optimal torque distribution with a load on board more than three tons lets the heavy R1T slide through the curves as if on rails. Briefly remember that you are sitting in a truck. Noble seats, reduced, but fully digital cockpit. A comparatively short hood behind the windshield. A panoramic glass roof above one. In addition the Sports car acceleration. Is that still the commercial vehicle that the pick-up truck used to be? If the all-electric F-150 is more of a lifestyle product, the R1T is all the more. But is that so bad, you ask yourself and stroke over it rough eco wood on the dashboard. My driver activated the “all-purpose” mode, something like the standard set-up. And that’s impressive. Not to mention “sport”.
Rivian R1T

Against the fear of range: The largest battery should be 640 kilometers in it. However, that also costs an extra $ 10,000.

A range of up to 640 kilometers should be possible

Of course it costs Porsche acceleration Energy, but that 135 kWh battery in the underbody (“Large Pack”) leaves room for maneuver. You can also choose a “conservation mode”, which stabilizes the range, because two motors are switched off and the R1T for the Front-wheel drive will. Only the off-road capability cannot yet be assessed, because the new chic truck should only get asphalt under its all-terrain tires. Also the five tons tensile load the owner wants to max it out soon. For the automated driving and a 360-degree all-round view, the R1T has eleven cameras and five radar sensors on board. From next year, Rivian’s e-truck will also be available with a smaller battery (105 kWh); cheaper than $ 67,500 (net) it won’t. The “Max Pack” (640 km range) costs $ 10,000 extra.

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It is initially loaded with up to 190 kW (even faster later), then the front and rear of the truck light up. The “Rivian Adventure Network” will provide US-wide until 2023 3500 fast charging points ready. The next model can also charge there, the R1S. A large SUV that stands on the Rivian platform. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data Rivian R1T Large Packengine: four electric motors (two per axle) • Power: 562 kW (754 PS) • Maximum torque: 1120 Nm • Drive: all-wheel drive, single gearbox • Battery capacity: 135 kWh • Range: max. 500 km • Charging speed: max. 224 km in 20 minutes • Length / width / height: 5514/2077 / 1986 mm • Empty weight: 2670 kg • Payload: max. 800 kg • Tensile load: max. 5 t • 0-96 km / h: 3.0 s • Vmax: 201 km / h • price from $ 67,500 net.

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