Rivian wants solid batteries for his electric cars

As it prepares to launch its first vehicles, Rivian is embarking on the manufacture of solid batteries. A desire displayed by a series of recruitments from the company.

Solid electrolyte batteries continue to divide the middle of the electric car. Manufacturers continue to see enormous potential in this, without knowing how to make the most of it. While Fisker has just announced that it has abandoned its research on this technology, Rivian is officially embarking on the adventure. The recently floated start-up will indeed conduct its own research on the subject. Several online recruitment advertisements confirm this.

On the employee search page of its official website, six positions have appeared. The six are marked “Solid battery” in their title. Rivian is particularly looking for engineers and managers to oversee the project.

The job descriptions are also very clear about the young brand’s desire to develop its solid batteries. We learn that his teams want “Develop the next generation of batteries for Rivian”.

In addition, managers should “Work with technological partners to define and design production lines for solid battery cells”. Everything remains to be done for Rivian, faced with this technology which carries many hopes. It turns out to be very difficult to achieve, as we have seen with Fisker, who had nevertheless made good progress with his project.


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