‘Road of Life’ gets an update for the first time in 60 years

The famous game Life path usually looks a bit different. The game got an update to make it more 2021. It is the first time in more than 60 years that the game has been updated. The modern world was taken into account in the renewal.

Life path is one of the most famous board games. But those who have played the game recently probably noticed that some of the elements of the game are a bit dated. That is why Hasbro has given the game a small facelift, making it fit again within modern society.

Getting married is not mandatory

One of the most important rules in the traditional game was to get married and have children. That is no longer mandatory. You can still get married and add children to your car, but that is no longer an obligation. In addition, you can also start a family with two fathers or two mothers.

In addition, innovations have also been added to the content of the game. Thus, new careers and hobbies are available. The best part is probably going viral with cat videos, but hobbies like saving the environment have also been added to the game. And you can become a social media influencer, app developer or vlogger completely 2021-proof.

Finally, the game also looks a bit different than we are used to. For example, more colors were added to the board and the pins in the front of the car, which is now electric, are no longer just pink and blue.

The game is now available for a suggested retail price of 29.99 euros.


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