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Road trip through Budapest, New York or Tokyo from your couch with this site

The longer the lockdown continues, the more some people start to miss traveling. A road trip abroad has not been so easy for a while now. Fortunately, a creative (online) solution has been devised for this.

Because of the coronavirus we can suddenly do a lot of things online. Now also a road trip. People who miss traveling can enjoy dozens of cities through their screen.

With the website Drive & Listen you can go on a road trip from your couch. On the website you can choose dozens of cities, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Budapest, Hawaii, Lisbon, New York, Tokyo and Wuhan. Then you drive through the city and look from the windshield of a car. The website continues to add more and more cities to the range.

You can design your road trip yourself by, for example, adjusting the speed at which the car drives, turning on street sounds and listening to the local radio station.


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