Roads free through Corona: Dodge Challenger SRT 177 km / h too fast!

Corona racer drove 177 km / h too fast!

A Dodge Challenger SRT raced at almost 290 km / h on an empty highway – speed was allowed at 113 km / h. The police stopped the speed limit and issued an extraordinary sentence!

DThis adrenaline kick should be quite expensive! Because he was racing at around 290 km / h on a highway near Detroit (U.S. State of Michigan), the driver of a black Dodge Challenger collected on April 19, 2020 record-breaking nodule. The Michigan State Police released a speeding ticket accusing the driver of exceeding the speed limit.

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The numbers on the ticket are incredible: a speed trap had the Dodge built in 2016 flashed at 180 miles an hour, that’s 110 more than the allowed 70. Converted the speed was 177 km / h too fast!

Police stop speeding – heavy penalty looms

Because in the United States Coronavirus exit restriction prevailed, the handlebars of the more than 700 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (maximum speed 320 km / h) had free space for his pace. As reported by the regional portal “Mlive”, the Troopers chased the racer with several patrol cars and brought it to a standstill without further incidents. The man was checked and released.

According to a report by the New York Post, he recorded that he was engaging illegal race with another road user delivered. Either way, the “Corona-Raser” should face a hefty penalty. In addition to a high fine in the four-digit range, the risk of such a gross violation of speed Driving license withdrawal and even jail.

Not the first “corona racer”

The Dodge pilot was not the first “corona racer” in the United States. It wasn’t until mid-April that a “racing team” achieved dubious fame when it raced over 4000 kilometers through the states in an Audi A8, breaking the cannonball record. Here, too, many streets were deserted due to the corona virus, and the speed junkies had free travel with their A8. For this reason, the more or less official Cannonball Instagram account initially rejected the new record: “It did not come about under fair circumstances,” the reasoning says.

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