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Rob Kemps rumbles on in Slimste Mens, despite Tijl Beckand

Rob Kemps is well on his way to the finals of The smartest person reach. But: it was ‘on the edge’ for the man who goes through life as an artist Snollebollekes. And then he also had to shake off the much less popular and crazy acting Tijl Beckand last night.

The smartest person seems like a sun for many people in these dark days. This is not least thanks to Rob Kemps (35), aka Snollebollekes. De Brabander has stolen the hearts of many viewers. Speaking of those viewers: last night’s broadcast was another record for presenter Philip Freriks and the only jury member, the Emperor of Knowledge, Maarten van Rossem. The knowledge quiz on NPO 2 attracted 2.36 million viewers and that had never happened before in a regular broadcast.

Rob Kemps, favorite in De Slimste Mens

Rob Kemps is a favorite for many when it comes to winning The smartest person. Perhaps he is not seen as the biggest contender to conquer the knowledge cup. It is best to bet your money on comedian Andries Tunru, the first participant who was the smartest person of the day for seven days in a row. He will not enter the final until Friday evening and needs one more victory. No, Rob Kemps, the darn Snollebollekes, is a favorite because many viewers simply think he is a fun, delicious, or great candidate.

Rob Kemps and Emma Wortelboer

Rob Kemps, together with TV presenter Emma Wortelboer, may be the most surprising participant of this season The smartest person are called. The two know a surprising amount. We mainly knew Snollebollekes (or only) as the man who makes entire tribes jump from left to right. He sells an entire football stadium with it, by the way, the Gelredome of Vitesse in Arnhem. We all jumped with Rob Kemps when the Orange Lionesses played a European or World Cup, but so much ready knowledge in your head? Good, that’s how it thinks Smartest Person-audience. The latter also applies to Emma Wortelboer, who will enter the quiz arena tomorrow evening. Today it is first radio maker Caroline Brouwer’s turn. She had an excellent click with Rob Kemps in previous broadcasts, but eventually played him away.

Tijl Beckand did it

Where Rob Kemps has the public’s favor factor in his pocket, a crowd of people begs for the loss of Tijs Beckand. On Monday evening, the Netherlands already tweeted about the behavior of the TV maker, last night it was no different. Beckand lay on the floor with relief when, after much thought, he had solved a word puzzle. Moreover, he was whistling on his fingers when introducing Maarten van Rossem. Maybe nice, but the viewer saw that very differently.

The viewers were only really dumbfounded when he dismissed Rob Kemps as a loser with unsportsmanlike behavior. No doubt that was meant to be fun again, but according to those 2.36 million followers of the The smartest person he completely missed the point.

Rob Kemps was smart

The third contestant of this episode of The smartest person was Frank Evenjoy. This jolly TV man also has a lot of factual knowledge, but he only realized late that he had to name eight country names among Eurovision winners. Rob Kemps took advantage of this by including almost all countries in Europe and thus picked up five correct answers. In word and gesture, Tijl Beckand then indicated that as far as he is concerned you cannot win like this. That was not well received by the viewer. What’s called: Beckand was completely killed on Twitter.

A little upset, but on

Rob Kemps seemed – by one astonished look through the plastic intermediate screen – for a moment. But was able to quickly continue to give good answers. So he took points with La Dolce Vita, a 60 year old movie. Snollebollekes hardly had to think that that had to be a keyword at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Unfortunately for the many viewers: Tijl Beckand became the smartest of the day. In the end he applauded nicely for Rob Kemps, when he beat Frank Evenblij in the final and can therefore return tonight. He will have to deal with his great girlfriend Caroline Brouwer. And with Tijl Beckand …

Who knows, he might be able to get out of his record on Friday evening when Snollebollekes is released and, just like on stage, it will sound: “Klappen nondeju!”

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Rob Kemps rumbles on in Slimste Mens, despite Tijl Beckand


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