Robbie Williams gets his own biopic from the director of ‘the Greatest Showman’

Robbie Williams has become a fixture in the music world. But it wasn’t once. And that story will soon be filmed by Michael Gracey, the director of that too The Greatest Showman. The Robbie Williams movie is getting the title for now Better Man and focuses on both the positive parts in his story and the negative ones.

Good news for the fans of Robbie Williams, because the life of the British singer is being filmed. The biopic about the former member of Take That is currently in development. The director is Michael Gracey, who also owns the The Greatest Showman directed.

Little boy in the cinema

Gracey does not want to say exactly how that story will be told. What he did say during an interview with Deadline is that he did his film (which has the working title Better Man got) wants to create the same feeling he had in the cinema as a child.

“I remember going to the cinema as a boy. Certain movies really blew me off my pedestal and made me say, “I’ve never seen this before.” I just want the audience to get that same feeling with my films. ”

Big dreams

Robbie Williams’ story is not that fairytale. Rather, it shows how passionate the young Briton was. He was not some “musical genius” sooner or later to be discovered all over the world. Williams “had big dreams and he followed them”.

Will, vision and confidence

“He may not be the best singer or dancer, but he has managed to sell over 80 million albums,” said Gracey. “You can recognize yourself in this guy who doesn’t think he has exceptional talent.”

“But of course he has. What he still has is the will, the vision and the confidence to say ‘now I’m going to pursue my dreams’. ”

It is not yet known when the biopic about Robbie Williams will be released.


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