Robert Downey Jr. is working on Netflix adaptation of DC Comic ‘Sweet Tooth’

American actor Robert Downey Jr. is busy producing Sweet Tooth. That is an adaptation of the DC Comic of the same name that will soon be introduced on Netflix.

Who Robert Downey Jr. automatically thinks of Marvel superhero Iron Man. It is therefore a surprise that the actor is teaming up with Marvel’s biggest competitor DC Comics for his next project. Still, Marvel fans don’t have to worry about seeing their trusty hero show up in the other camp right away. Together with his company Team Downey the Iron Man actor takes the Netflix rework of Sweet Tooth on his behalf.

Downey Jr. is very positive about his new challenge. “The best things are worth the wait,” it sounds. “I can’t wait to share this with you.”

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a DC Comic about a boy named Gus who is part deer, part human. When Gus leaves the forest in which he lives, he ends up in a post-apocalyptic environment. With the help of others from other children who are half animal like him, he must find answers to save the world.

The Netflix adaptation of the comic series is produced by Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz. The latter contributed to Arrow, another DC hero who made his way to the small screen. Now that Netflix has ended its partnership with Marvel, the era of DC Comics appears to have arrived. Netflix previously made a live action remake about the archangel Lucifer.


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