Robust, cool station wagons in comparison: AUTO BILD KLASSIK 10/2021

Mercedes W 123 T-Model meets other robust, cool station wagons

Can the Ford Granada Tournament, Volvo 245 and Peugeot 505 SX keep up with the Mercedes 200 T? Alpina vs Arden: Biturbos in comparison. These and other stories in AUTO BILD KLASSIK 10/2021!

I.n AUTO BILD KLASSIK 10/2021 let’s look at robust and classic station wagons. The pack donkeys of that time have long enjoyed a reputation as veritable cult vehicles. But they don’t just do that! Mercedes W 123 T, Peugeot 505, Volvo 245 and ford Granada tournaments hold innumerable childhood memories. And many a Volvo 245 bravely copes with everyday life to this day. We went back to the test track and looked into the question: How are we doing Peugeot, Volvo and Ford against the Mercedes? You will find a large comparison test in the booklet! You can read these and other stories in issue 10/2021!

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Mercedes 300 S.

Everything you always wanted to know about the big “Adenauer” Mercedes 300 – in AUTO BILD KLASSIK 10/2021.

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Further topics in AUTO BILD KLASSIK 10/2021: Robust station wagons: Mercedes 200 T (S 123), Ford Granada Tournament 2.3, Volvo 245 and Peugeot 505 SX in comparison test • Mercedes 300 “Adenauer”: The big story about the W 186 and W 189: history, driving impression, purchase advice • Biturbo: Jaguar XJ as Arden AJ5 (330 PS) meets the fastest sedan in the world at the time, the BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo with 360 PS • Aircraft powered rover: Georg Mayr-Harting has recreated the Rover Jet 1 R, the “Auntie” with a gas turbine • VW study Futura driving report from 1989: great amazement about navigation systems, direct injection and parking assistants • Hans-Albert Zender: Auto biography with the grand master of edgy tuning in the 70s and 80s • Youngtimer export ban? EU Commission wants stricter rules for the export of old cars • The anti-GDR Trabi: Donat Romann drives a Trabant Tramp – as a memorial • VW’s cult pub closes: The “Tunnel-Schänke” in Wolfsburg is flattened • Market analysis rare VW: How Fridolin, Golf Country, SP2, Großer Karmann & Co went through the roof • Alfa Romeo 166 in check: We show where you can find hidden rust nests on Alfa’s top youngtimers • Fascination Toyota from the Corolla to the 2000 GT: We drive the world’s most exciting cars • Trabi or everything about Duroplast: Because of cardboard! How two inventors wrapped the Trabant in plastic • The racing Capri: How Gerd Brauneiser from Cologne drove his Ford Capri RS 2600 – and one day forgot • The craziest golf collection: Josef Juza and his museum with 120 rare Gölfen • Art deco in car manufacturing: One style conquers the world: This is how Adler and Volvo, Peugeot and Opel discovered elegance.

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