‘Rocket League’ will be available for free download September 23rd

American developer Psyonix announced that yesterday Rocket League can be downloaded for free on 23 September. Then it will no longer be necessary to have an online subscription as a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch player.

If you buy the game before it hits the market for free, you get some in-game legacyrewards. Which contain DLC (downloadable content) of the game itself, or other in-game accessories to customize your cars.

Epic Games

The developer announced that a few months ago Rocket League would become free around the summer. Psyonix is ​​now part of American developer Epic Games. “Today is a big day for us here at Psyonix as we officially join the Epic Games family,” the developer said on their website last year.

And fortunately that takeover had no consequences for the popular game Rocket League. Your first question could be, “What does this mean Rocket League and his community? “And we are happy to say that the answers are only positive. Rocket League is always one community-driven game and always will be. Now we’ve joined forces with Epic Games, and we can get our community serve in even bigger and better ways! ”


And that’s why the game will be available for free on Steam on September 23rd. Because on that day the game will be transferred to the Epic Games Store. After September 23 Rocket League be removed from Steam as well. However, there would still be full support for updates in the future.


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