Rockstar Games is dying Red Dead Online in favor of GTA 6

Red Dead Online is no longer getting major updates. Rockstar Games wants to focus on GTA 6 instead.

As announced by Rockstar Games this week, the studio intends to put its resources into the next “Grand Theft Auto” title in the future. Among other things, the Western title “Red Dead Online” suffers from this, for which there will be no major content updates from now on.

“As for the future of Red Dead Online, alongside seasonal special events and experience improvements – as well as other changes designed to improve and maintain a healthy Red Dead Online environment – this year we plan to build on existing modes and add new Telegram missions instead to deliver large thematic content updates as in years past,”

it says in the message. There will continue to be new content for GTA Online.

“GTA 6” should surpass its predecessor

For “GTA 6” Rockstar Games raises the bar. According to Rockstar Games, the developer has understood that “we have to exceed the expectations of the players and that this next part should be the best that is possible”. In recent years, the studio has poured more and more development resources into the latest installment in the series. The company thus confirms that “GTA 6” has been in development for some time. Rockstar Games officially announced in February that the studio was working on the next part of “Grand Theft Auto”. When the game will be released is still in the stars. Rockstar Games also owes details about the story and scope.

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