Rogier provides evidence after Frank break: ‘I’m not a gold digger’

Rogier wants to make it clear on his Instagram how he got his money and does so on the basis of an article by This and that. ‘In the first place there is of course the contract with RTL from which Rogier is still reaping the benefits’, you can read. The TV duo has ‘another two years’ contract to their show Frank and Rogier Check In to make. The only condition to earn from this is that the duo make the program.

Rogier also has ‘his own home in The Hague’. The exact value is not known, but ‘such a house is for sale in the same street for 1.9 million euros’, it sounds. The reality star also has a ‘shop that he rents out as a lunchroom’. He bought this in 2007 for 240 thousand euros, but is now estimated at ‘an equity of around million euros’. ‘It is clear: nobody has to pity Rogier Smit financially.’

He wants to create even more clarity on his Instagram Stories. ‘Frank and I are the only ones who know the truth,’ you can read there. Rogier indicates that he respects everyone and never judges, but does not understand that his followers do. “No matter how fast the lie is, the truth will catch up with it,” he continues. Exactly how their marriage is doing is not entirely clear, but Frank recently gave an update about his relationship with Rogier. You can see it in the video below.


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