Roidmi P1 Pro: handheld vacuum cleaner in the practice check

The small Handheld vacuum cleaner P1 Pro from Xiaomi subsidiary Roidmi is particularly noticeable due to its design. With its compact format, it is hardly larger than a Bluetooth box, it also looks stylish and conveniently fits in almost any cup holder or glove compartment. In the car, the cordless vacuum cleaner is always on board and can be used at any time for quick vacuuming. But what good is the Roidmi P1 Pros when it comes to suction? AUTO BILD has tried the compact vacuum cleaner!

Roidmi P1 Pro

P1 Pro
  • Compact format
  • Wide angle LED
  • Good suction power

price € 79.00

Check: Many little things let the Roidmi P1 Pro show off

The Roidmi P1 Pro stands out not only with its modern design, but also with well thought-out little things. That is particularly practical small LED on the underside of the teat. It illuminates dark corners while vacuuming and is therefore particularly helpful in the car. Especially in dark footwells and hidden corners in the trunk, a bit of dirt tends to get through your rag when vacuuming. The LED ensures a clear view so that nothing is overlooked.

In order to check whether the cordless vacuum cleaner is also convincing when cleaning, a much-used test car has to be used for vacuuming. In addition, a fabric mat from the car is prepared with fine, light sand. When vacuuming the car, he does P1 Pro a good job. He offers two power levels, whereby you don’t get too far when vacuuming at the first stage – too much goes through the cloth. Accordingly, the highest level is continuously vacuumed. You can get into many corners with the vacuum cleaner, only a few places have to be worked on several times to completely remove the dirt. There are also a few brushes on the suction tube that catch animal hair and lint. The only drawback: the The suction head should be a bit narrower. In some narrow places, for example between the seat rail and the door, the vacuum cleaner reaches its limits. An additional attachment would therefore be practical for very narrow areas. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about when vacuuming. The Roidmi also does justice to the dirty doormat, after a few puffs it is completely clean again.

Emptying is also very easy: Simply unscrew, remove the filter and empty it over the rubbish bin. There are no bags or inserts. the Battery life is around 25 minutes at the highest level. If the battery is empty, the P1 Pro can be easily charged via the Type-C socket. This means that charging is also possible on the 12 V connection in the car – provided that a suitable vehicle plug is used. Of the Price for the Roidmi P1 Pro is 79 euros. That is a proud price when you consider that simple hand vacuums are often available for less money. However, these are also significantly more bulky and rather unsuitable for on the go. The well thought-out concept, the good suction power and the helpful LED can definitely justify the price.

Thumbs up: the handheld vacuum cleaner impressed in the practice check.

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